Hello and welcome to the Teesside Model Helicopter Club, simply put we are a bunch of lads from the area of Teesside up in the north-east of england who love our RC helicopters. We have members who enjoy all aspects of heli flying from hovering around and basic circuits, scale flying, FAI aerobatics, and hardcore 3D flying. Whatever style you're into we have members who are happy to help and share their experiences with, we generally meet every Sunday afternoon at our flying field on the Thornaby Industrial Estate, our aim is to help and promote this fantastic hobby and help newcomers learn and master the art of helicopter flight. So if you have a heli and want to come along or your thinking about getting into the hobby then please come along and have a look. There's no doubt that learning to fly helicopters of any size is a challenging thing to do but we hope this website and our club facilities will help you along your way. We can offer advice on what's the best machine to start off with, help in setting your helicopter up, and general tuition. We also enjoy social events such as summer barbeques, and club fly in's and friendly competitions. Over the years RC helicopter technology has come a long way. From humble beginnings with helicopters built from scrap aluminium on modeller's lathe's in the garden shed, to the modern production high-powered flybarless electric helis. We will cover it all in regular articles and building reviews of our current and future projects.

Getting Started Article

Have you checked out our latest Getting Started Blog Page, here you will find articles on the basics of flying model helicopters

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Have a look at our Photographs page, here we submit all of our models, equipment, events and fun.  We look forward to receiving  more of the pictures

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